Spinal Care


Causes of Spinal Problems

In 1910, D. D. Palmer, the father of chiropractic, said that the causes of diseases associated with the spine could be;

  1. Mechanical - accidents, trauma, physical stress, overwork, faulty posture or other stressful mechanical conditions.
  2. Chemical - foods that have been contaminated by additives and preservatives or have been subjected to extremes of heat or cold and ionizing radiations - and of course, all drugs and medicines.
  3. Mental - negative mental attitudes of all kinds - fear, worry, apprehension, jealously, hatred, greed,

All of these factors can cause enervation leading to toxaemia - a toxic condition which acts upon muscular tissues, causing them to become either flaccid or spastic.

These tissues can become weak, excessively soft and unstable.

They can also become hard, brittle and unyielding.

Either way the bones which are normally held in their correct juxtaposition can move out of their normal positions and become:

  • subluxated (Chiropractic)
  • a lesion (Osteopathy)
  • a ligatight (Naprapathy).

Be pro-active with your spine.

Exercise regularly and keep your body supple and flexible to ensure that the free flow of blood, lymph and nerve force is maintained.

If you are concerned about your spinal integrity - please seek the advice of a competent health practitioner.