Rest & Relaxation

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"Pain is the Monitor – Rest is the Cure" Dr. John Hilton - 1863

It is most unfortunate that our social structure has created an environment in which, when we feel ill, out of sorts, or our energy is low, we are told to soldier on and to continue the stimulation of an already enervated and depleted body.

  • Rest and relaxation are nature's methods of recuperation and restoration.
  • Rest is the short period of time in between all the things we do on a daily basis.
  • Rest soothes sensitive nerves that have been over-stimulated.
  • Resting the digestive system by eating in accordance with your body cycles will conserve a tremendous amount of energy.

There are times when only the best will do - and the absolute best rest is the one whereby you STOP! - Just stop and get into bed and sleep