Fresh Air

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"The air we breathe is more important than the foods we absorb." -Galen - Physician in Ancient Greece

We can live for days without food - a shorter time without water but Air is the breath of life.

We should make it a daily practice to breathe deeply and rhythmically in tune with our lifestyles.

City air is polluted, therefore we need to make a conscious effort to find fresh air - air that is vitalized and energized by the sun, water and the plants – best found in the country, at high altitudes or in close proximity to water.

"Artificial air would be fatal for us, not because of its recomposition, normal so far as equivalent content is concerned, but on account of its lack of vitality, which can only be engendered by the sun." - Professor Edmond Bordeaux Szekely – Cosmos, Man and Society

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