About HintOnHealth

about hintonhealth

“We wish to create a legacy into perpetuity, preserving the philosophy and practices of Nature Cure by creating an exponential rise in the human health condition of the future” Kevin & Katy Hinton

Kevin and Katy Hinton are HintOnHealth

Retired Nature Cure Practitioners. Trained with the eminent Kenneth S. Jaffrey at the Northern College of Naturopathy, Queensland Australia. Both Kevin and Katy are experienced Nature Cure Practitioners having served the global community for 35 years before their retirements. They specialized in assisting individuals and families to restore their health through Nature Cure practices. Today, they are avid volunteer lecturers at the International Institute of Nature Cure Studies, setting direction and development of educational resources.

Our Purpose

The primary aim of HintOnHealth is to make available, easily accessed information on the simple scientific laws of the universe as they are applied to the acquisition of health.

HintOnHealth provides a conduit to a wide range of services to people who are genuinely looking to improve their health through the practices of Natural living and Natural healing known as Nature Cure

What we really think

Nature Cure is a name given to a philosophy of living and healing.
It is not limited to the human species only – it is a valid description of the principles that govern all organic life on this planet.

All animals – except the human – live in accordance with said principles – barring accident or environmental events – while humans rarely act in accordance with principles.

Therefore, we see a definition of Nature Cure as an educational process – one of re-learning that which is innate to us in matters of Natural Living and Natural Healing.

We will make changes towards health or away from it by our choices in lifestyle and healing. This process requires a new outlook a new mentality a rebuilding of tissues at the cellular level including physical, chemically and mentally.

Nature Cure is for you and you alone. It is a process of learning about self, HintOnHealth is here to assist you in achieving your full health potential.