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Discover the simple philosophy and practices of Natural Living and Natural Healing known as Nature Cure
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Welcome to HINTONHEALTH where we invite you to discover the simple principles of Nature Cure - the philosophy and practice of living and healing that is in accordance with nature's natural rhythms. We believe that it is natural to be healthy and that to remain in a state of health we must live within an environment that provides the essential ingredients for health and happiness. This unique philosophy is not new. The practice of Natural Living and Natural Healing, known as Nature Cure, has a history spanning the globe for over 250 years. We are guided in our actions by scientific laws that govern all life on earth.




Many children dislike the dental hygiene process – and sometimes will even use techniques of subterfuge in order to skirt the practise of cleaning the teeth.

So, in accordance with my prime law of learning – “If it ain’t fun; It ain’t done” - I’ve devised a pleasurable computer-based image for children to take on board.

This image-creating device requires a battery powered toothbrush, a bit of learning through imitation and a modicum of fun.

Present the toothbrush and paste as a computer and instruct the children to:

  • Cut some toothpaste
  • Paste it on the brush
  • Point to our teeth
  • Click on the brush and...
  • Drag the brush over the teeth, one at a time.

Ps. I like to put the hard bristles under the hot water to soften slightly before I brush. Children love theatre – be a show person when communicating with them and have fun - a bit of humour goes a long way when teaching good habits.

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