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Discover the simple philosophy and practices of Natural Living and Natural Healing known as Nature Cure
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Welcome to HINTONHEALTH where we invite you to discover the simple principles of Nature Cure - the philosophy and practice of living and healing that is in accordance with nature's natural rhythms. We believe that it is natural to be healthy and that to remain in a state of health we must live within an environment that provides the essential ingredients for health and happiness. This unique philosophy is not new. The practice of Natural Living and Natural Healing, known as Nature Cure, has a history spanning the globe for over 250 years. We are guided in our actions by scientific laws that govern all life on earth.


Eight Steps to Health

Eight Steps.HintonHealth

I gave a talk to the oncology department at a local hospital not too long ago.
The advertising posters depicted me as ‘an eclectic naturopath’ – complete with herbs, vitamins, tinctures, balms, potions and oils... you know the type.

The room was full – students, nurses, doctors - including the head of the department.
I was introduced, took the podium and proceeded to throw my notes (supposed) into the air and declare that instead of talking about the myriad states of disease and the costly efforts to eradicate them – Today we will talk about the ‘Causes of Health’ and how to apply them to the human organism.

The next two hours were very insightful – but really folks - It’s that simple!
Forget all the medical marketing about disease and focus on health.
If we apply the simple 8 laws of health – If we listen to Nature’s 8 doctors – If we open the 8 petalled lotus of health - If we take the 8 step path to health...If we simply live in a manner that produces health - barring accident or trauma - we will have health.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the unfolding of the 8-step approach – here it is again;

  1. A plant based living food diet – eaten with as much consciousness as possible.
  2. Learn the art of breathing – deep, rhythmic and diaphragmatic breathing – in order to fully oxygenate your blood and remove as much gaseous waste as possible.
  3. Water is the closest thing to a ‘Cure’ in Nature – use it wisely, both internally and externally.
  4. There is no greater power in our solar system than the power of the sun. Do not be afraid of the sun – learn how to appropriate its powers at the correct times of the day.
  5. Stay flexible – don’t let the hinges rust – find an exercise that you enjoy – learn it well and - perform it diligently on a regular basis.
  6. Learn the ‘Art of Doing No Thing.’ Slow down enough to feel the vibrational rate of your being – learn to do this quickly, effortlessly and with purpose. Healing only happens through rest.
  7. Krishnamurti says that if we could only silence the monkey-like hankerings of the mind for a few seconds we would know eternal peace. We must learn how to be the master of our thoughts – the precursor of our actions.
  8. The spine encases the nervous system – the most important system within the body – take care of it – it sets us apart from all other species.

Take the ‘Eight Step’ on a daily basis and watch your health glow.