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Discover the simple philosophy and practices of Natural Living and Natural Healing known as Nature Cure
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Welcome to HINTONHEALTH where we invite you to discover the simple principles of Nature Cure - the philosophy and practice of living and healing that is in accordance with nature's natural rhythms. We believe that it is natural to be healthy and that to remain in a state of health we must live within an environment that provides the essential ingredients for health and happiness. This unique philosophy is not new. The practice of Natural Living and Natural Healing, known as Nature Cure, has a history spanning the globe for over 250 years. We are guided in our actions by scientific laws that govern all life on earth.


Babies & Sleepless Nights


It is often expected that the arrival of a newborn baby proclaims the horrors of yet another syndrome - sleepless nights.

This is yet another myth propagated by the medical fraternity - not the healthy maternity.

I can say unequivocally that a natural lifestyle produces perfect rest for both mother and baby - if the following simple pattern is established.

  • The baby is put on a feeding schedule set up by the parents (who are supposedly in charge of the situation)
  • The baby is not demand fed but is taught the natural feeding cycle based on the digestive cycle of the organism - (read as circadian rhythms)
  • The mother should not get up to feed, change, or soothe the baby during the night - leave that to the father or partner. This allows the mother to get adequate rest which ensures that her milk is of the best quality.
  • The baby does not sleep with the parents, either in the bed or even the same room - An infant can smell a lactating breast at 50 paces.
  • Keep the baby on the breast as long as is possible - up to 2-3 years is natural.
  • Do not feed the baby chemical formula or adult foods.

As a result:

  • The baby does not gain excessive weight and develop colic, catarrh, constipation etc.
  • There is harmony throughout the household and the baby is a joy.

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