The International Society of Nature Cure Practitioners

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Nature Cure Practitioners Oath

We believe that;

  • It is a normal and natural condition of the human body to be healthy.
  • Good health occurs when we supply our bodies with; a diet of living foods, fresh pure air, pure water for drinking and hydrotherapy, exposure to sunlight, daily exercise, rest and periods of relaxation, a positive mental outlook, and care of the spine.
  • When disease is present, causes must be removed, biological requirements employed, and rest secured when the body begins to heal and repair.
  • We believe that the human body is self-healing and that no other healing modalities need to be employed. If there is enough vital energy within the body, the body will heal itself.

Causes Removed-Symptoms Relieved-Health Restored

Members-Provisional and Full

  • Have completed a course of study at an approved Nature Cure Institute, and successfully received a degree, diploma or certificate recognizing them as a Nature Cure Practitioner.
  • Have satisfied the Board of Examiners ISNCP by examination their knowledge and practice of Nature Cure.
  • Practice Nature Cure to the exclusion of all other modalities.
  • Will have engaged, under supervision, patient contact in their course of study, and will complete 120 hrs. of independent patient contact as a qualified Nature Cure Practitioner before full membership is awarded.