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nature cure consultation

Better Health for You and Your Family

Nature Cure Practitioners assist individuals who wish to improve or regain their health through the practices of Natural Living and Natural Healing known as Nature Cure.
They have a three-pronged approach to health achievement.

  1. First - They identify and remove causes of disease from the individual's lifestyle. This is done with a thorough health assessment evaluation using a differential diagnostic approach that includes Iridiagnosis and other physical signs, spinal examinations & personal history.
  2. Second - They teach the use of the 8 biological principles of human health
    - A living, whole food diet that is plant based.
    - The use of sunshine, fresh air and clean water (Internal and external)
    - Exercise and relaxation,
    - Spinal care.
    - A positive mental attitude
  3. They teach Natural Healing practices through rest and recuperation – allowing the natural healing power of the organism to restore health and happiness.

Nature Cure Practitioners are not medical doctors and hence do not prescribe medications of any sort, nor do they provide surgical procedures. They work within the current legal jurisdictions of non-medical practitioners in Australia.


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