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a-lifestyle-for-health--happiness-bookA LIFESTYLE FOR HEALTH & HAPPINESS

(Hard Copy) Price per copy: $35.00 (AUD) plus postage.

This book is more than philosophy - it is a blueprint for Health and Happiness. Re-discover the simple principles of Natural Living and Natural Healing as taught by all the great health educators for over 200 years. 'A LIFESTYLE FOR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS' is a simple 8-step program that offers you a true-life alternative for your health.

"A refreshing and revitalizing choice for the health conscious reader. It takes the mystery out of Health and Disease."

"There has never been a book that is more right for the times."

"Enjoy freedom from disease by following the simple principles of Natural Health."

"When you've given up on treating symptoms with all your pills, potions and lotions...when you are ready to take control of your own health - then this book is for you."