The Rest Cure


The custom of taking a medicine or applying a medical treatment is so familiar that the average person does not consider trying anything else. 
When a person has a headache or a cold or if they sustain an injury - the first thought is... how to rid ones self of the nuisance.

  • For a headache, most people would take an aspirin tablet/powder or a herbal remedy.
  • Others might go along to a chiropractor or osteopath and have a treatment or adjustment.

Whatever the line of treatment adopted, the objective would be simply to get rid of the headache.

Is this the right thing to do? Is it the best thing to do?

  • The headache is but an outward sign or symptom that something is vitally wrong inside.
  • Are we acting sensibly by simply removing our indicator?

There is a school of thought that says that when we develop a painful sign, we should try to discover the CAUSE of the pain and then remove it. It says further that after removing the cause we should provide the body (and particularly the injured part, with everything it needs.
Then we should apply the REST CURE

  •  We should rest to allow the body to work unhindered in it's efforts to restore the injured body to health.
  • Some people call this NATURAL HEALING but it could just as appropriately be called the REST CURE.

Is the REST CURE effective and Does it work? And if it does work - why has it not been adopted?

  • Actually the REST CURE has been used almost universally
  • Man, alone among the animals ignores this method.
  • ALL animals use the REST CURE and have always done so.
  • Animals living in their natural state always rest when they become ill or sustain injury.

If animals use the REST CURE, why has man neglected this simple method?

  • When man became civilized (this could be the beginning of a huge oxymoron) he also adopted a way of life that made it inconvenient to rest.
  • Employers generally, expect their employees to do a fair day's work.
  • Their businesses are geared to continuity of production in certain set hours of work.
  • Even self-employed people feel bound to work even if they do not feel inclined.

However, if an animal feels ill or is injured, it generally finds a safe, warm, sheltered and secluded spot where it can rest comfortably and undisturbed. The animal usually takes no food until normal hunger returns. In more scientific terms, the animal seeks comfort, protection, warmth and takes...THE REST CURE

  • It conserves its energy in every way.
  • It gets physical, mental and physiological rest.
  • In most cases, the animal recovers and resumes it's previous living pattern.

Human beings generally do not follow a program such as this.

  • They continue to work at home or place of business.
  • They eat full meals and concern themselves with all kinds of problems, all of which adds up to a most unfavourable set of conditions for recovery. Usually the patient seeks medical advice and takes the medicine or carries out the medical treatment prescribed.

There is an alternative that more and more people are accepting as a better approach.

This system is known by many names such as Naturopathy, Natural Therapeutics, Nature Cure, Natural Hygiene or Natural Healing - No matter by what name it is called, the principle is the same.

Here is how it works.

Let us assume that you have a headache. This time, instead of taking an aspirin or other remedy, you decide to try the REST CURE.
You search for causes of your headache.

  • Have you eaten unsuitable foods?
  • Have you eaten too much food or eaten too quickly?
  • Have you had insufficient rest or sleep lately?
  • Have you been under strain at home or work?
  • Could anything have caused nervous tension?
  • Have you committed any one or more of the dozens of excesses man is accustomed to

Whatever it is, you do your best to discover the cause of your headache. If you are unable to discover the cause in your case, it may be advisable to enlist the help of an expert - a Natural Health practitioner (Naturopath) who is trained to detect the causes in your living pattern that produced your headache. Assuming that you have been able to determine the causes of your trouble, the next step, if possible, is to remove the cause - to provide the body with warmth, comfort, quietness, and rest.

  • The best thing to do is to stay in bed.
  • Make yourself comfortable and warm.
  • Make the room dark, but with ample fresh air circulating through it.
  • Eat no food of any kind.
  • Drink pure water in small quantities as you feel you need it.
  • Sleep as much as possible.
  • No matter how sick you are or what the cause may be or how badly you have been injured - in a few days you will be feeling much better.

Whn you do this - you are providing your body with the most favourable conditions for cure.
If the trouble is minor, a day or two may be sufficient, but if the injury is more severe or widespread then the cure could take longer.

No matter what the condition may be - the principle remains the same.

  • Remove the cause of your complaint.
  • Provide the most favourable environment and plenty of rest.

The REST CURE is the safest, simplest, easiest and cheapest of all methods of treatment - Why not try it sometime?

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