Many children dislike the dental hygiene process – and sometimes will even use techniques of subterfuge in order to skirt the practise of cleaning the teeth.

So, in accordance with my prime law of learning – “If it ain’t fun; It ain’t done” - I’ve devised a pleasurable computer-based image for children to take on board.

This image-creating device requires a battery powered toothbrush, a bit of learning through imitation and a modicum of fun.

Present the toothbrush and paste as a computer and instruct the children to:

  • Cut some toothpaste
  • Paste it on the brush
  • Point to our teeth
  • Click on the brush and...
  • Drag the brush over the teeth, one at a time.

Ps. I like to put the hard bristles under the hot water to soften slightly before I brush. Children love theatre – be a show person when communicating with them and have fun - a bit of humour goes a long way when teaching good habits.

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