Quotations on the Healing Crisis

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Professor Edmond Szekely - (Taught Kenneth S. Jaffrey)

"We are in good health when the body manages to eliminate its toxins and its organic and alimentary waste products unceasingly and completely without medicines or other abnormal interference.
Chronic disease is a lack of cleanliness inside and outside. 
Acute diseases are crises of defence and elimination.
The crises that occur in general dis-intoxication are salutary.
The crises which may occur in the course of this naturism (Course of Nature Cure treatment) besides being anodyne, are at once proof and the result of the operation of dis-intoxication and purification which is in progress."

Doctor Henry Lindlahr - (Regarded as a founder of Nature Cure in America)

"The possibility of producing Healing Crises and thereby curing chronic ailments depends upon the following conditions:  
• The patient must possess sufficient vital energy and powers of reaction to respond to the natural treatment and to change of habits.
• The destruction and disorganisation of vital fluids and organs must not have advanced too far.
Nature never undertakes a “Healing Crisis” until the system has been prepared for it - until the organism is sufficiently purified and strengthened to conduct the acute reaction to a favourable termination.
Healing Crises when properly conducted are never fatal to life."

James C Thomson - (Founder of the Kingston Clinic in Scotland)

"The healing crisis is an acute reaction of the body brought about by an improvement of the vital forces, enabling them to eliminate from the system the diseased conditions and accumulations.
As a rule, the chronic patient coming under natural treatment experiences a few weeks of slight improvement.
Between the fifth and seventh week a period of acute eliminative activity sets in. 
This may take the form of fevers, skin eruptions, diarrhoea, abscesses, inflammation, colds or any other acute means by which Nature endeavours to eliminate from the body the diseased matter.
The crisis in individual cases generally takes the form of acute diseased conditions through which the patient has previously passed and which were suppressed by means of drugs, etc, in process."

Sarma K. Lakshman - (Indian Naturopath)

"In chronic cases, the patient has a much lower degree of vitality and correspondingly more severs encumbrance and hence life’s effort to eliminate foreign matter is far from vigorous.
Vital economy should be prescribed in all other ways and along with diet must be made more positive, until a degree of bodily lightness and an increase of vital power are noted.
When this stage is reached, acute conditions – which are called curative crises – may occur. When they do, they must be treated like acute illnesses, that is with fasting …"

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