Nature Cure for Women


Thesis = if a woman is in excellent health – as per the conditions of the species... then the following biological functions and circadian rhythms will be normal:

A pregnancy defined within NC parameters will be free from worry – will not require intervention and the birthing process will be rendered normal and without undue pain. If a mother breastfeeds her infant for up to 3 years (conditions being equal) the infant will acquire a pleasant disposition, will not be overweight and will not cause consternation to parents – especially during the night. All aspects of growth will be normal for a healthy child – including the onset of menstruation in girls.

During adolescence, leading into adulthood – the cycle of ovulation and subsequent passing of the menses will be ‘on time’ - free from pain and any elimination during the women’s ‘period’ need not be dreaded or fraught with discomfort.
Also the onset of menstruation in a young person will be extended out – NOT brought closer to a younger age.

Sexual intercourse may be entered into without fear of pregnancy.
A healthy woman will be in touch with her cycle of ovulation. Because she is regular in her cycles she will be aware of those times when she is ovulating and plan in accordance.
This allows for the optimal in family planning.

There is a period of life when the mature woman ceases ovulation = menopause.
At this time there will be physical, chemical and mental changes within the woman – but these changes need not be fraught with ‘disease-like symptoms’.
In matter of fact the cessation of ovulation should be regarded as all other cycles and accepted as nature dictates – without due concern.
Perhaps it is also a release from duty for the woman – a noble purpose completed.

These are observations made by myself – a male, living with a woman who has practiced the principles of Natural Living and Natural Healing for over 35 years.
We are not alone in this observation – we have guided many families in these processes during the time of our practice.

This article is inspired by the words of the late Mr. Jaffrey – who early in our training indicated that one of the most disturbing of conditions that may cause disease (which is simply a word for Toxaemia) will be the mental angst associated with contraception and subsequent situations.

He was correct – at least in my observations.