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Hydrotherapy is derived from two Greek words: HUDOR meaning water, and THERAPEIN meaning to heal.

Hydrotherapy, Hydropathy or The Water Cure, means literally, the treatment of disease by the employment of water - chiefly externally, and minimally internally.

Hydrotherapy is used for the purpose of restoring normality of the organism. 

Our objective in hydrotherapy is to remove all obstructions to the free flow of blood, lymph and nerve-force by:

  • washing away impurities
  • stopping the supply of harmful substances to the organism
  • regulating the temperature of the body
  • balancing the circulation
  • relaxing tissues under spasm
  • toning-up tissues that are flaccid.

There is no 'Cure' - but if there were - it would be water - used appropriately.

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