Future Changes

ncp drone

Over the past week Katy and I have been discussing indicators of the enormous changes that are happening in our world and how we are going to adjust to them.

  • Robotics
    • Driverless cars/trucks/trains/ships and I believe they are talking about planes.
    • A computer is playing a grand master in ‘Go’ and is up 2-0
    • Drones are going to deliver our mail.
  • Program your house and operate all appliances with your smart phone.
  • Nuclear medicine and replacement organs from a 3D copier
  • ‘Green energy’ is taking over from fossil fuels

NOTE: there have been no changes in the precepts of Nature Cure.

We still

  • Remove causes
  • Provide best bio-friendly environment.
  • Rest, conserve energy and allow the body to heal.

Whew – I’m glad I cottoned on to this many years ago.

Perhaps I’ll leave it to the youth and simply live out my life in ‘dreams of yesterday.”

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