The very mention of the word fever can strike terror into the heart of the strongest man or woman, conjuring up visions of serious illness, pain, restless and sleepless nights, prostration, delirium, profuse perspiration and even death.

The literature dealing with fever is voluminous, even though the average person knows nothing whatever about it and very few practitioners have given it more than a passing thought.

Fever is regarded in some cases as a symptom of disease, and in others it is dignified by the title of a fully developed disease worthy of its own name such as: Typhoid fever, Yellow fever, Scarlet fever, Malaria, etc.

Many natural health practitioners see a febrile disease as being something which is inconvenient, painful and potentially harmful.

This approach is wrong.

A fever may be inconvenient, it may be painful, but it is definitely not harmful.

To the contrary - a fever, if correctly managed, is the greatest boon ever conferred upon suffering humanity.

Most practitioners, including doctors, herbalists, homeopaths, chiropractors and osteopaths misunderstand the true role of fever and attempt to abort it or at least to reduce its intensity to what they regard as a safe level.

This attitude is completely at variance with the philosophy of natural healing.

Fever should not be regarded as an indication of disease, but as an integral part of the biological process of healing.

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