Evolution and Health

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Many people who have adopted the Natural Health philosophy seem to be under the false impression that we once lived in an idyllic state - enjoying perfect health and happiness in an environmental paradise.

It is thought that we then subsisted solely on what has been called an original diet of raw fruit - being a fruitarian‑vegan.

After falling from grace we were supposed to have abandoned our original diet and lifestyle, eating other foods such as seeds, animal flesh and dairy products - some being cooked.

The theory is that if we reverted to our original diet and became a fruitarian‑vegan our present ills would be largely banished and our former state of health and happiness would be restored.

As much as I would like to see such a revolution take place in today’s lifestyle, I see no prospect of that occurring by that means. Such an objective is based upon a philosophical error.

I see no evidence for the belief that we ever lived in an earthly paradise where our wants were fully supplied by the fruits of an organic orchard alone. Such a belief ignores the facts of biological evolution.

The human species does not appear to have once enjoyed a state of perfection from which it has degenerated to his present state of imperfection.

Evidence points to the fact that we evolved in excess of many billions of years - developing from simple, crude organisms through measured stages - punctuated by sudden and dramatic changes.

Our diet and lifestyles also changed along with our changes in structure and function. There is ample evidence that we were once hunters and gatherers - nomads who were largely meat‑eaters.

Then, at some point in time and development, we ceased our nomadic existence and after settling in one place we became an agriculturist.

By becoming Fruitarians some people hope to be able to live in perfect health and happiness and to redesign the world.

The dialectical view is that there never was a perfect world - inhabited by perfect people - living under perfect conditions. We cannot recover a lost culture because there never was one to lose.

Many people have neglected to take into account the principle of evolution.

  • We are the product of an evolutionary process.
  • We are not descended from healthy people who lived in the past under idyllic conditions.

Evolution teaches us that we have evolved from very primitive lowly organisms.

  • Humans were not, in the distant past, a beautiful, strong healthy and happy species living in a paradise.
  • We developed from a tiny primordial blob of jelly.
  • This blob of jelly was simply a stomach which took in nutrients and ejected poisonous wastes and gradually evolved over billions of years.
  • Every now and then it made a sudden leap forward or backward and changed its structure and function and over billions of years became what we know as Homo sapiens – thinking man.

As low as we may still appear to be, we are the highest development of animal life on earth.

  • We conclude that there never was a paradise.
  • There never was a perfectly healthy human being in the distant past.
  • It is all a figment of the imagination.
  • We are still imperfect.
  • We are still developing.
  • What we will eventually develop into we cannot guess.

All we know is that the organism we call Homo sapiens is capable of further continuous development and refinement.

Those who seek to opt out of society are deluding themselves.

  • There is no possibility of living in an ideal state.
  • We cannot escape from society.
  • The ideal conditions did not exist in the past and it is unlikely that they will exist in the foreseeable future.
  • We can only adapt ourselves to our existing environment to the best of our ability.
  • We are struggling upwards towards a more developed and better lifestyle.
  • What happens in the future depends wholly upon what we do today.
  • Evolution can proceed forwards and backwards. Whether we move forward or not depends wholly on what we contribute to that process.

As a Naturopath, I have found that most people who are sick are not seeking a normal, natural outcome. They are looking for a miraculous transformation. They wish to see their ill health miraculously transformed into beautiful, efficient and perfect organisms as a result of a magical formula. This is the philosophy of traditional and modern medicine.

  • Nature Cure is not for the purpose of producing miracles.
  • Nature Cure can only achieve what is possible.

Only by living a lifestyle that conforms to natural law can we hope to develop a better state of health and thereby pass on a better hereditary constitution to our offspring.

All the best for your continued Health and Happiness,

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