Babies & Sleepless Nights


It is often expected that the arrival of a newborn baby proclaims the horrors of yet another syndrome - sleepless nights.

This is yet another myth propagated by the medical fraternity - not the healthy maternity.

I can say unequivocally that a natural lifestyle produces perfect rest for both mother and baby - if the following simple pattern is established.

  • The baby is put on a feeding schedule set up by the parents (who are supposedly in charge of the situation)
  • The baby is not demand fed but is taught the natural feeding cycle based on the digestive cycle of the organism - (read as circadian rhythms)
  • The mother should not get up to feed, change, or soothe the baby during the night - leave that to the father or partner. This allows the mother to get adequate rest which ensures that her milk is of the best quality.
  • The baby does not sleep with the parents, either in the bed or even the same room - An infant can smell a lactating breast at 50 paces.
  • Keep the baby on the breast as long as is possible - up to 2-3 years is natural.
  • Do not feed the baby chemical formula or adult foods.

As a result:

  • The baby does not gain excessive weight and develop colic, catarrh, constipation etc.
  • There is harmony throughout the household and the baby is a joy.

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